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Linda Magnusson Start Date: Feb 26, 2018 - End Date: Jun 25, 2018
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by: Linda Magnusson Start Date: Feb 26, 2018 - End Date: Jun 25, 2018
Dear all who reads this,
Thank you for clicking into my page, hope you find my project as intresting and important like I do.

If you are thinking that you want to do something for the environment and the planet, but don't have the time, or the energy. Then you can help by funding my little project. This is my first volonteer project, but I will do many more if there are any intrest in funding it, so I can come around more. I have just set up a Facebook profile where I will let you all know how the work goes, so you all can follow the progress. The adress is:
If you want to see my "normal" facebook profile, the adress is:

I've been travelling a lot in my life, and have always been sad to see all the plastic and garbage laying around everywhere. The plastic pollution in our oceans are a big threat for the art diversity, both in the ocean and on land. 

Therefor, I have decided I would like to do something for us, our planet and for the next to come :) 

I have volonteer a project in Palawan, Philliphines where I will help with the rehabilitiation of the mangrove area, and help to restore and clean the souroundings af the Tigman village. You can read more about the project below.

Volunteers on the Environmental project will have the privilege of working to restore and conserve the amazing environment that Palawan is famous for. Volunteers will work within the mangrove area around the Tigman village mangrove area. The focus of this project is mangrove rehabilitation as these have seen a decline in recent years. Mangroves provide habitat for nursing fish and other marine life as well as many native birds, including the Palawan fruit bat. Mangroves are not just positive for nature, they also serve as coastal barriers, slowing storm surge and reducing beach erosion. Work on the environmental project is based around three core tasks. The first and main task is mangrove rehabilitation and mangrove replanting which is typically done for three days of the working week. Another day is spent in the local schools or within the local community educating them on the effects that rubbish/litter can have on the environment. There is also an opportunity to educate the local schools and community around the rehabilitation work you will be doing with the mangroves. On a Tuesday or Thursday, volunteers work doing rubbish clean ups in the local area particularly along the beach - this is also a great opportunity to involve the local schools or community. Work on the project can become repetitive however there is plenty of opportunity for volunteers to take initiative and the local schools are always willing to get involved and assist when required. This project is great for volunteers who love the outdoors and are looking to serve the Palawan community and environment.
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