Alysia - Study Abroad in Spain

Alysia Treacy Start Date: Feb 23, 2018 - End Date: Jun 2, 2018
  • Valencia, Spain

My Travel Story

by: Alysia Treacy Start Date: Feb 23, 2018 - End Date: Jun 2, 2018
Hola amigos, mi nombre es Alysia Danielle Treacy
por favor, necesito su ayuda . . .

     In June 2018, I will be travelling to Valencia, Spain as part of Florida State University’s Study Abroad Program (FSU-SAP) for a 6-week immersion geared to further enrich diverse experiences within FSU’s global community and international outreach efforts.  Attending FSU’s unique course and cultural experiences in Spain, will expand my international experiences and further my awareness and understanding of different world views in the fields of education and health in a more atypical and exciting way.

     My goal upon graduation is to fulfill a career in global healthcare.  Embracing opportunities to work with individuals from varied cultures and backgrounds has been a driving force in my personal and academic life - especially having already traveled to national and international settings with the help of scholarships. As a future medical healthcare team member, the more understanding I have of how cultural differences affect the health and wellbeing of people from diverse communities the more effectively I can perform as a healthcare professional.

     Immersing myself in the culture of Spain firsthand with some of my FSU colleagues, will augment my capabilities to collectively break down the barriers that, in today’s world, divides us by race, culture, ethnicity, language, and traditions.  It is so important to explore foreign cultures and unknown interests to achieve a deeper sense of what other views and opportunities the world offers. I firmly believe that with each place we visit, with each new experience we live, and each new person we meet, our idea for what life has to offer gains more clarity, more beauty, and more meaning.

     “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world,” (Nelson Mandela).  I want to make an impact in my life and the lives of others in my future career by gleaning a better global vision and understanding of diverse people. . . Olé!!
  • Valencia, Spain