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Dominica Griffiths Start Date: Jul 6, 2018 - End Date: Nov 5, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Dominica Griffiths Start Date: Jul 6, 2018 - End Date: Nov 5, 2018
Hey guys,

Im Dominica, from NSW, Australia but currently living in Galway, Ireland. I have a degree in Marine Science and Management and Veterinary Nursing.
Honestly, i have always wanted to volunteer, but never thought it would become a reality. I have been so lucky since graduating uni, i have had some incredible experiences and been able to live in some of the most beautiful places.
While i have felt extremely lucky and enjoyed every second of the work i have done in the past 5 years i have never really felt satisfied. I am in awe of the marine world and all the wildlife within it. But my goal, since well before i started university was to work in conservation. After completing my degree and getting more into photography it made me realise the impact that something as simple as a photo can have on people. Its hard to understand the damage we are doing to our environment but when it is right there in front of you it causes it to be real and more people need to be made aware of it.
I stumbled across this program whilst looking at volunteering with elephants in South Africa and while i would still like to do that, it just didnt seem right, right now! And while i am aiming to start my marine journey in Guatemala i am really hoping to continue it through into Canada, through assisting in research programs based around cetaceans or just being given the opportunity to work within the marine industry which would tick off something ive had on my bucket list for as long as i can remember.
Since i did make the decision to go ahead, pack my bags, again and volunteer in Guatemala for 6 weeks everything has just fallen into place.
While i have always been a dolphin girl at heart turtles have always intrigued me. When photographing them in the past, you get to spend time with them, following them, watching them, assessing their behaviour and it took me by suprise to realise the personality these guys have. But even just to sit and watch them, in the water, on land, they are an incredible species and one that needs as much protection as we can give them. The leatherback turtles, which are one of the main species that i would be working with are something from another time, they are just beautiful and being given the opportunity to work with them and their hatchlings to ensure the safety and success of their release would be so rewarding.
For a long time i have felt like i am getting through life, enjoying it but never satisfied that i am doing what i am meant to be doing. But after years of study i finally feel like my knowledge and passion will be put to good use and while Guatemala has never been on my list of top 10 destinations to visit i am so excited at the thought of going somewhere completely different, experiencing a whole new culture and way of life, learning a new language as i will be taking a 2 week intensive course to learn Spanish and honestly, just finally feeling like i am contributing to something bigger and learning who it is i really am.

Thanks so much for reading my whole spiel, if you made it all the way through :)
I very much appreciate even the smallest donations which will help me to experience this program to its full potential.

If you go to the link below and click on Wildlife and Marine conservation, it explains a little more about what i will be doing :) 

Thanks a million :) x
  • Guatemala
  • Canada