Fear, Faith, and a Flying Leap!

Gavin Young Jr Start Date: Apr 4, 2017 - End Date: Aug 1, 2017
  • Prague, Czechia

My Travel Story

by: Gavin Young Jr Start Date: Apr 4, 2017 - End Date: Aug 1, 2017
I don't remember when or how I first became aware of TEFL Worldwide Prague, but I have since discovered that it is one of the premier TEFL training schools in the world.  What better place to launch one's education and life abroad than in the heart of Europe? I have enjoyed several careers in my adult life, but the focus of each successive career has been more on ministry than on climbing a ladder or acquiring more "things".  The TEFL certificate will be the jewel in my academic crown, and together with my three other Master's degrees (particularly my Master of Education), it will qualify me for a position as a lecturer in a university.  Ever since my Junior year abroad at the University of Vienna, Austria, I have wanted to live and work in Europe for an extended period of time.  I believe that time is now.  The demand for good English teachers is great and English continues to be the lingua franca of the world.  It would be an honor and a pleasure to represent the United States by teaching my mother tongue to eager learners.  I have the heart of a teacher and have had as long a I can remember.  English is not an easy language to learn and my goal in going abroad and teaching it fits in with my belief that knowledge gained should be knowledge given away.  What better, more helpful thing to give away than the language I was blessed to grow up with.  As a teacher, I live for the "aha moment", that is, the moment when I can see the proverbial light bulb go off in a student's head and I know that s/he has "gotten" it.  Furthermore, I love language and have considered myself an armchair linguist throughout my adult life beginning with a German major and English minor as an undergraduate.  In fact, one of my hobbies is teaching myself other Germanic languages.  So far I have mastered rudimentary Dutch, Norwegian, some Swedish, and am currently working on Icelandic.  Because I can speak German and have kept my fluency throughout the years, I hope to settle in either Austria or East Germany, a part of Germany I do not know.  However, if I am led to a Central or Eastern European country, I would leap at the opportunity.  There is so much need everywhere.  I have committed this endeavor to God and believe that He will direct my steps (Proverbs 16:9).  The most important thing for me is the strong sense of wanting to make a difference. of wanting to have a ministry and walking that out.  I believe, given who I am and who I have become, that teaching English in Europe will please me, my students, colleagues, superiors and most important, the Allmighty.  Last, but certainly not least, I wish my potential donors to know that I have been blessed with an anonymous benefactor who will match each donation I receive.  I could be more grateful and am deeply humbled by this person's dedication to me and what I'd like to do.  Thank you for reading.  Respectfully submitted.
  • Prague, Czechia