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Becka Harman Start Date: Mar 10, 2018 - End Date: Mar 9, 2019
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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by: Becka Harman Start Date: Mar 10, 2018 - End Date: Mar 9, 2019
Our plan is to volunteer in Cambodia for 4 weeks in March of next year but need to raise funds to do this. This is where we’re hoping you will come in and see the vision we have to do something different and to make a difference. No matter how small you feel you can help it will be hugely appreciated! Let us tell you a little about the project.
'Many children in Cambodia have lost their parents due to HIV, while other parents cannot afford to provide their children with food, accommodation, or an education. As a result, many children are living in orphanages or attend childcare centers during the day. Volunteers on the Childcare project are placed predominantly in childcare centers and usually work between 4 to 8 hours per day. Childcare work ranges from administration, cooking, cleaning, feeding, caring for children, to teaching, assisting with homework and arranging activities such as painting, drawing, origami, singing, dancing and sports activities. Most placements have a focus on education and include classes on Khmer literacy and English language. Topics such as morality and hygiene are also discussed with the children.
Although the number of orphans is in decline; the lack of resources and funding available to the orphanages result in many children not receiving the sufficient level of care and support they need'.
These are the children and young people we would love to support and work with and we’re hoping with the assistance of friends that this will be possible.
We want to thank you in advance for any support given, no matter how small it can help in making this happen. 
Mikey & Becka x
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia