Abbey's Community Delevopment Volunteering in Fiji

Abbey Jones Start Date: Aug 3, 2015 - End Date: Sep 1, 2015
  • Yasawa Islands, Fiji

My Travel Story

by: Abbey Jones Start Date: Aug 3, 2015 - End Date: Sep 1, 2015
Hello All!

In September I will be travelling to the other side of the world to work with the Yasawa Trust Foundation on their Vinaka Fiji volunteering scheme, with the aim to develop the facilities on the Yasawa Islands (a chain of volcanic islands off the north west coast of Fiji's main island).

The volunteering scheme I have signed up for is based around sustainable community develop and has the following aims;

1. To build and maintain rainwater harvesting systems for the 27 villages in the region so that the islanders have daily access to fresh, clean drinking water. To educate the communities on water usage and conservation.

2. To construct vegetable gardens, assist in introducing diversity in crop planting, and building an awareness of the need for crop rotation. This is important for dietary and environmental reasons and also to develop micro-enterprise within the communities.

3. To assisting in establishing chicken coops in the villages with a view to egg production supplementing the diets of the villagers, and perhaps increasing production with a view to selling eggs to the local resorts.

My hope is that not only will I be able to gain experience and knowledge of sustainable practices, but also to immerse myself in the culture and environment of a place that is completely different to my past experiences.

As the volunteer placements aew run and administered by the foundation all costs related to my month of giving must be covered by yours truly, so in order to fundraise towards it I will be completing a 5km swim at the end of August (that's 200 lengths of an Olympic sized swimming pool) and would like your support!


Love x

  • Yasawa Islands, Fiji