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Jack McGrath Start Date: Oct 10, 2015 - End Date: Nov 9, 2015
  • Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

My Travel Story

by: Jack McGrath Start Date: Oct 10, 2015 - End Date: Nov 9, 2015
In reflecting upon my unique upbringing, I learnt and was taught by a family who either had, or grew up with a background in sport or teaching. This continues and has had a huge effect in my growth as a learner where I developed an early understanding of my interpretation of the term ‘success’. This being able to measure my pride of taking satisfaction from not comparing my ability to others, but valuing my natural leadership and teamwork skills as a tool that can encourage, and motivate other people to gain confidence and self-belief. In consideration of my future endeavours, by putting focus on my love of sport and a childhood naturally swayed by teachers, my ambition to travel and help people less fortunate has become somewhat inevitable.

As I acknowledge that Vietnam still suffers from the horrific aftermath of chemical warfare used during the Vietnam War. I have volunteered to take part in a 6 week critical work experience with ‘The Global Work & Travel co’ in tackling issues of serious illnesses,  birth defects and health issues for disadvantaged children. As well as other issues such as a lack of education and poverty in remote areas of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This journey has come up out of the blue. One moment I’m sitting on the couch contemplating my next move, and then the phone rang with an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. Independently I am covering the costs for this experience, and with this amazing program rounding out at $3000 excluding flights, immunizations, a voluntary visa, and other required documentation, I would value and heavily appreciate any support.

Although, being less than a month before I depart, and having a goal target of $1800 seems outreach, I am a grand optimist.  Every and any donation will be recognised in one way or another, and I’d take gratitude in any funds that would assist in putting me one step closer to helping a community in need.

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Yours faithfully,

Jack Francis McGrath

  • Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam