Volunteer Program- India

Amber Fowles Start Date: Jul 22, 2018 - End Date: Sep 29, 2018

My Travel Story

by: Amber Fowles Start Date: Jul 22, 2018 - End Date: Sep 29, 2018
I have worked with Whole Foods Market for the past 5 years. During my time there I found that is not just a high-end grocery store but rather a company that truly believes in making a difference in the world not only by providing high quality foods but by supporting our local and global communities. Whole Foods Market created a non-profit organization called Whole Planet Foundation to help eliminate poverty through microcredit loans all over the world to women to start their own business.
I have been given the opportunity to travel to India with Whole Foods Market Volunteer Program to work with one of our microcredit loan participants, Traditional Medicinal Teas. I will also be working with the Revive Project to help build large wells meant to harvest rainwater and provide drinking water for a single or small group of families.
While Whole Foods Market helps organizing the trip, most of my personal expenses are not covered.  I am currently fund raising to help offset the cost of the necessary vaccines, travel, and travel insurance.


  • Please Watch The Videos!

    I have included three videos to give you a better insight to why I am doing what I will be doing. Please take the time to watch.
  • Visa Granted

    Thank you to everyone that has donated. Im so excited to share my experience with all of you. I depart in less than a month and Im starting to plan and pack my bag. My visa was granted this week, one step closer! Im still going through a series of shots before I leave. I appreciate everyone that has helped contribute to my journey.