Fund Overseas Travel to Help Kids in DR & Haiti

Model Jaylani Start Date: Aug 15, 2018 - End Date: Dec 14, 2018
  • Dominican Republic
  • Haiti

My Travel Story

by: Model Jaylani Start Date: Aug 15, 2018 - End Date: Dec 14, 2018
My mission trip is for my family to help teach English to and mentor  impoverished children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We wish to travel from town to town engaging in cultural exploration. I am a professional model, fashion blogger,  and children's rights activist who will be face advocating the beauty  of tourism in third world countries due to diverse people.and advocating for equal access to quality education for children.

How We'll Help Kids: Providing school supplies, English lessons,  Providing Gospel and hope,  and assisting families any way we can. 

I want to bring hope to children in these lands by way of education and empowerment. I will blog my experiences capturing powerful video and photography and will share with my supporters. Why i'm passionate about this project and destination are very personal reasons for me.  It wouldn't hurt if I get to learn Spanish, learn the discipline and customs of  Caribbean natives,  and experience education in an international institution.

Due to family tragedy, I lost connection to  my culture and family from this beautiful island.  I would like to reestablish those bonds during my travels. This is why the destination is so personal for me. 

My mom and sister wish to support my dream and make this a family affair. We will dedicate a year to carry out our mission.
  • Dominican Republic
  • Haiti


  • Fundraising Has Begun!

    Fundraising has begun!
    We will be hosting garage sales and auctioning off valuables for our efforts to self fund this worthy cause and once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Prayers to your efforts and all donors should follow my work on @modeljaylani