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Jessika Grindstaff Start Date: May 18, 2017 - End Date: Jul 6, 2017
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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by: Jessika Grindstaff Start Date: May 18, 2017 - End Date: Jul 6, 2017
For one month I will be volunteering in San Pancho, Mexico to help in the conservation effort to bring up the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle population. As some may know, the sea turtle is endangered. They are threatened by the rise in their predator, poachers along the coasts have been eating the mothers and their eggs for many years, the changing climate has affected where they can nest and how many beaches are warm enough for the babies to survive and finally the rise of beach vacations has impacted how many beaches are available to the turtles as well. Of all of the sea turtles the Olive Ridley is the one that needs the most help. On this trip I will aid in the incubation of the baby turtles and help lead public outreach programs. The incubation of the turtles while they are in the egg at a set temperature allows for a higher yield of female turtles, the hope is that with as many females as possible that there will be a higher survival rate and higher reproduction rate to bring the population back up. Furthermore, I will be leading outreach programs in the local elementary school to teach the children how important the turtles and the beaches are to the environment. 
This trip will help me in my education as it will allow me to gain expertise in a new area that I have yet to try, but have been potentially considering as a career path. I am passionate about animals and the environment and have been since a young child. I have always revered sea turtles as majestic animals and found their unique habits interesting. This trip will allow me to follow my passions as well as learn about a different career path.
I heard of this trip through my professor at my college, and knew that this was the trip for me. He spoke of assisting the turtles as well as building life-long friendships, knowledge and cultural experience. This trip will be meaningful to me not only to help aid in the efforts to combat climate change but also to allow me to see the world for myself.
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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