I really want to go summer school

Deja Iman Start Date: Jun 10, 2017 - End Date: Jul 24, 2017
  • Munich, Germany

My Travel Story

by: Deja Iman Start Date: Jun 10, 2017 - End Date: Jul 24, 2017
I have been accepted into the Munich International Summer University at the distinguished Ludwig Maximilians Universität München for a month long course in Management Practices and Corporate Communication(s) in a Global Environment.

The purpose of the course is to essentially learn how multinational enterprises work, multicultural management, and overall how the uses of competitive communication to successfully achieve.

I  applied to LMU-MISU as a gateway into actually going to school in Germany [at LMU]. I don't even know how I got in, and it still shocks me, but I did. Somehow, even without a transcript, I managed to get selected into an exclusive summer program of only 30 students at one of the most renown universities in the world (I may be slightly biased).
I am determined to go to the summer institute by all means and finally really start my college journey and adventure into life.

Any donation you make will be greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, your name and/or organization will included as my official travel sponsor in any presentations or papers written about my experience.

Thank you all in advance for your support and consideration.
  • Munich, Germany