Island Excursion

Brian Good Start Date: Jan 1, 2022 - End Date: Dec 31, 2022
  • Saint Martin

My Travel Story

by: Brian Good Start Date: Jan 1, 2022 - End Date: Dec 31, 2022
Plagued by several difficult years, I decided to pack up and move in the Caribbean, to both decompress and recuperate from it all. These years saw the loss of my best friend and confidant, my maternal grandmother, the loss of my grandfather and being thrust into a full-time nursing/caregiving role for two grandparents while still working full-time. 

With the family situation finally stabilizing, I decided to take a long-needed break. Those close to me saw me become physically and mentally exhausted. My longtime desire was always to reside in a warm climate; however, my grandparents always superseded any desire to move. They took priority.

The main goal of this excursion is to relax, decompress and recuperate in a sublime climate from these last arduous years. I chose this particular island for its blend of activity and relaxation. I will spend my time on both the Dutch and French sides, with a particular focus on the French side due to my French heritage and connection to my late grandmother. 

I created this page to help defray the costs of such a large move and transition. I look forward to my time ahead.

You can follow my travels through my blog with the link listed.
  • Saint Martin