Starting a new life

Rachele Cavina Start Date: Feb 3, 2016 - End Date: Feb 2, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Rachele Cavina Start Date: Feb 3, 2016 - End Date: Feb 2, 2017

On the 4th of September 2015 I decided to leave for a long journey, far from everything I’ve been doing since then. 
Friends and family from home might thought I was a fool moving at 1’362 miles far from home. But, thanks to all the places and cultures I’ve gone through, I’ve learnt that it is all about perspective, how do we look at the world.
Everyone who knows me is aware that I usually dream a lot, I might be too optimistic and believe too much in people’s kindness most of the times.
That’s my way of seeing the world, I believe in common good and love. The only thing I hate is hate.
My destination is still far from where I’m now, I’m not even halfway. I may reach my goals someday, or I may not. But someone once told me that what really matters is the journey.
I’m sure love will come in this world someday and it’ll take less than a second to conquer everyone’s hearts.

I currently live in Edinburgh and I'm at the first year of Digital Media course at Edinburgh Napier University. I will study here for 4 years and this is only my first one, but in just 4 months I've achieved so many things, I believe I learnt a lot more in 4 months than in my whole life.
This is going to be a great adventure, also because I will have the chance to go to China in may\june and also go away for an Erasmus on my third year.

I decided to leave my country, my city, my friends and everything once I went back home from a month of summer school in San Francisco, California. After that experience I realized I wanted to experience everything, the only knowledge was not enough to me.
Scotland is giving great opportunitues to european students to study abroad and I decided to try and apply last year with one of my classmates from high school, and now she is studying in Gasgow and I'm here in Edinburgh.
This new life is giving me a lot and I would like to share it first of all because I believe everyone should see how good it can be opening up your mind.

"The destination is the journey"

  • Edimburgo
  • Scozia
  • San Francisco, California
  • China


  • My Partner In Crime

    My Partner In Crime
    My friend who is studying in Glasgow came to visit in October and we were on an amazing hill from where you can see the Whole city. It's called Calton Hill and if you ever want to be amazed by a scottish sunset then go up there!
  • Just A Wonder In The Meadows

    Just a wonder in the Meadows
    I decided to go reading some uni stuff with a fiend at the Meadows. The Meadows are the main park in Edinburgh, it is quite funny because two people can tell they live by the Meadows but they might be an hour far from each other.