Fleur goes cycling in Zambia against teenage marriages

Fleur ter Horst Start Date: Nov 17, 2016 - End Date: Dec 31, 2016

My Travel Story

by: Fleur ter Horst Start Date: Nov 17, 2016 - End Date: Dec 31, 2016

I just got back from traveling for a year, which was the best year of my life. I started my own business, started volunteering, got my own place, met up with my friends and family and started making new plans for great adventures. I get the chance to do all of this because I was just lucky enough to be born on the 'right' side of the world. This is not the case for many other people.
In July I'll be joining Plan Nederland in their fight against teenage pregnancies and marriages. I'll be joining a group of motivated people who want to make a difference in this world and fight injustice.

What's this about?

Every year 14 million girls are being forced into marriage while they're still a child. Child marriages have lifelong consequences for the victims. They're being given away to a man who's often a total stranger and they have to quit school. What's more is that consequently they're often a victim of domestic violence and will get pregnant or give birth when their body is not ready at all. One child marriage destroys a carefree childhood and future. Click here if you'd like to know more about this cause and this trip (Dutch only).

What are you going to do about it?

I'll be joining Plan Nederland in their trip to Zambia. Together with about 25 other badasses I'll be cycling through the entire country, taking in the beautiful scenery while at the same time taking a stand against injustice. We'll be visiting projects funded by Plan Nederland so I, and everyone else, can see what happens to their money when they donate to a cause like this.

Why this website?

Today (17th of November) is my birthday. I have everything I could wish for, and am as happy as can be. No need for parties or presents. I'm asking you, my friends and my family to donate instead of giving me a present. This will help me fund my own travel expenses and my mountainbike, cycling gear, etc. I need to train in The Netherlands.

What if I just want to donate to the cause instead, and not to you personally?

Totally understandable! You can support my project here. Thank you so much if you do! All the donations on that website will go directly to the cause of fighting teenage pregnancies and marriages.

What if I want to talk to you to know more? Or if I want something in exchange for my donation to you personally?

I would love that! I'd be happy to tell you all about this cause and why I'm joining. Contact me through this website or send me an email at fleurterhorst@gmail.com. I've added rewards for certain donations because I would love to give something back to you to show my gratitude. 

Wait, last question... €1000?!

To be fair, I had no idea what to put in. I don't have a goal in mind. I'm extremely grateful if I end up with €20, or €200, or who knows, €1000. If you decide to donate, thank you so much!


  • First Donations Coming In!

    Wow guys, thanks so much to everyone who's donated! It really means a lot to me. This way you're helping me get to Zambia, which means helping girls have a better future. A future where they are in control of their own life. Think about it. That is AMAZING! Thank you! Remember if you want to donate to the project directly (I'm raising €4.000 total) you can do so here. http://www.pifworld.com/nl/fundraisers/OrRMGKnWqKY/fleur-ter-horst/