Musical and Cultural exchange in India

Musical Manifesto Start Date: Sep 5, 2017 - End Date: Feb 1, 2018
  • Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

My Travel Story

by: Musical Manifesto Start Date: Sep 5, 2017 - End Date: Feb 1, 2018
What is the similarity between the origin of the Universe and the music?
   Everything that exists in our Universe is made from a relation between vibration and matter, thus, the sound not only interacts with life, but also it develops it, through its frequencies. 
   In order to understand music, sound and the Universe in its deepest essence, we, Musical Manifesto from Brazil, have been travelling for 16 months in Europe and Africa, being able, like the sound and the Universe it self, to expand more and more the perceptions, the knowledge and the senses. 
All these through people, the bonds spontaneously created. 
    And to continue learning and adding as much as possible, we decide to embark to Varanasi, India. 
    We already know a little bit about India culture. 
    Since the beginning of our project we have been using the Sitar, an ancient instrument symbol of Indian music, which has many of its teachings transmited orally. 
     The goal now is to get to the heart of this musical tradition and over 4 months extract the nectar of this musicality that we appreciate so much. 
     With the opportunity to learn more and more about Sitar, music and Indian culture, living experiences with local people and with them studying indian classical music, we intend to launch a new album posteriorly, digesting everything that has been added in the whole polyphonic life that we have had during the trip. 
    We want also, when we return to Brazil, be able to develop workshops and concerts to the community to pollinate the idea that music is a unique lenguage and that is always possible to connect and correlate rhytms and melodies separeted by geography or by time itself.
    Right now we are in Greece and our intention is to arrive the Asian continent in december. For this and to learn what we want, we need the amount of 1.800 Euros.
     We know that the important thing is to be on the move, and that the firststep in achieving anything is to believe, and we believe that, in addition to interpersonal relationships, the "FundMyTravel" is a great way to reach the estimated amount. 
     Any and all help that we receive to reduce the costs of the travel are warmly welcomed, and even if the aid can not be monetary, we will be greatful if you help us share and publicize our campaign, where and with whom you can. 
    Gratitude in advence for taking an interest in reading our history and project. 
     Nicoli and Parma - Musical Manifesto

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  • Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India