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Desmond Warren Start Date: Apr 15, 2016 - End Date: Apr 14, 2017
  • Oaxaca, Mexico

My Travel Story

by: Desmond Warren Start Date: Apr 15, 2016 - End Date: Apr 14, 2017
Hello! My name is Desmond Warren and I am currently a Sophomore at Missouri State University. My major is Public Relations with a minor in Spanish and I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri. The past two years have been a wonderful experience that I am glad to have the privilege to be apart of. I wasted no time getting involved on campus and am currently involved in five different organizations. Cru, as a Bible study leader. Leading in Education to Approach Latinos (L.E.A.L) as a member, Uniendo Nuestros Orígenes (UNO) as a member. MSU: I’m First, as a member, and I am Multicultural Leadership Scholarship recipient. My involvements in these organizations have motivated me to push myself to further my academics and to increase my understanding of the world around me..

I will be studying away with Sol Education Abroad to Oaxaca, Mexico for the 2016-2017 academic year. My decision to study abroad was fueled by my desire to travel, but mainly the individuals I met upon entering college. My involvements in UNO and LEAL were the final push I needed to make my decision to go . These two groups have opened my eyes to just how much we miss in understanding each other because of language barriers. I used to want to learn Spanish just because it would make me more marketable. That has long since changed when I took a trip to St. Louis  and we stayed with my friend’s grandmother. This woman, who spoke very little English,  so gracefully opened up her home for us and fed us for the entire weekend. At the end I wanted to thank her so much for hosting us, but the only words I knew were “muchas gracias,” Which means thank you very much. It was frustrating that I couldn’t show just how much I truly appreciated her generosity. It was after this moment that I realised I didn’t care about making more money or being more valuable. I want to learn so that I can break down the barriers we have with one another, to travel the world without restriction, and most importantly to me. To discover ways in how I can love people better and to make them feel accepted

This is why I need your help! This once in a lifetime opportunity will be partially funded by my existing academic scholarship and a few extra study away scholarships that I am hoping to receive if I am awarded them. However, these funds in combination with my personal savings will come short of the program fee. My total cost for the program will come out to $24,000 for the year and I am currently $10,000 short of that cost. The money will be going towards tuition and housing fees that I will be incurring.

If you could contribute any amount, I would greatly appreciate it more than I could ever express. I would have never thought growing up that I would actually be given the chance to leave the U.S. let alone study abroad in a different country. I intend to use this opportunity to increase my cultural competence and to also set an example for those coming after me, that you can achieve your dreams no matter the odds against you. Right now I am telling myself “Sí, se puede” which means yes, it is possible. However, by the end of this, I want to be able to say “Sí se pudo” which means, yes, it was possible.

  • Oaxaca, Mexico