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Fabian Nilsson Start Date: Aug 9, 2016 - End Date: Aug 8, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Fabian Nilsson Start Date: Aug 9, 2016 - End Date: Aug 8, 2017
Hello my name is Fabian Nilsson. Im 22 years old born and raised in Malmö, Sweden. I have had a dream ever since I stepped on my first airplane while going on a vacation and that is to become commercial airline pilot! After many years of uncertainty I decided that is what I really want to work with because its not only all about flying a plane but also get other people to maybe a magic place where they might find their potential husband and wife or so on I would basically connect people and thats what I really love to do as a person. So I looked around on the Internet and actually found a Avation Academy called Baltic Aviation Academy located in Lithuania and this got me really hyped and caught my intrest directly because this seemed like a serious and very fun Academy... But there is only one problem becoming a pilot here in Europe and that is the cost its kind of expensive to be more exact it cost around 60.000 Euros and thats just for the education there will be more expenses in form of paying for rent and food for those 2 years I will be studying abroad. Even though I work full time I wont be able to reach those sums very soon so thats why I turned to gofund me and YOU potential doners. Every donation big or small will help me alot and I would appreciate your donations so much. But you might think if your donation will only go to my dream education? Yes it would but at the same time you can be certain that I will pay it forward and you might now wonder how I would pay it forward? Well thats what im here to tell people :). When I get funded and get my flight certificate I already made plans to get some pilots togheter and open a pilot foundation where I will donate some money every month so people like myself can in the futher ask for a donation to pay for their flight certificate but then there is also the small things I will do that might mean so much for other people for example invite kids and other people who might be afraid of flying or generally just very intrested like myself in airplanes and invite them to the cockpit and explain them diffrent things and show them that they got nothing to be afraid of :). Im also intrested in a foundation called min stora dag in sweden translated to My big day in english this is a foundation were they make sick kids dreams come true I would volunteer there as a pilot for kids that wants to try out to fly! This is some ways I would pay it forward with the help of your donations so you can be sure that your donations comes to good use! Last but not least I want to explain how thankful I will be for every donation please let my dream not only become a dream support me!

Best Regards
Fabian Nilsson
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