Help Me Trek Nepal for the first time

Lord Aparri Start Date: Jun 24, 2018 - End Date: Oct 1, 2018
  • Pokhara, Nepal

My Travel Story

by: Lord Aparri Start Date: Jun 24, 2018 - End Date: Oct 1, 2018
My passion for travelling and fascination to explore different places started when i came across an old, worn-out book that was diacarded out of our primary school library. 

Places like Switzerland, New Zealand, and Nepal captivated my desire to see up close new places.

Twenty-eight years later, my dream of exploring at least one of these places remains a drawing. 

Then, seven days ago, my two good friends popped me a message, inviting me to a 10-day trekking trip to Mardi Himal base campin Nepal, one of the easiest trekking circuits suitable for beginners.

I really, truly want to go. My heart was actually drumming fast and hard the very moment they mentioned Nepal. But life gets in the way at the moment, and i am financially incapable of covering the costs. 

When i asked them for the quotations of the budget, I have painfully realized that I don’t have about $1000 budget to cover everything except pocket money. 

So i am hoping and praying that maybe, just maybe, someone out there would be willing to become an instrument to realize my one, single dream.

  • Pokhara, Nepal