Volunteering with Wildlife in Zimbabwe!

Lillian Wayne Start Date: Sep 2, 2021 - End Date: Dec 30, 2021
  • Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

My Travel Story

by: Lillian Wayne Start Date: Sep 2, 2021 - End Date: Dec 30, 2021

Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited to share my upcoming plans for this winter. I've decided to travel to Zimbabwe this November to volunteer at a wildlife rescue and conservation center in Bulawayo. For 3 months I'll be taking care of injured and abandoned wildlife native to Zimbabwe and southern Africa. I will also be participating in field surveys and conservation research. I’m excited to volunteer with this program and meet the local people, including working with schools to educate kids about wildlife and the importance of conservation. I will also have the opportunity to see more of Zimbabwe, including travel to Victoria Falls and other locations. 

This past year I have been working full time and taking on temporary jobs to save as much money as possible for this trip, as I need to cover the cost of the program (housing and food for 3 months), airline tickets, and other travel expenses. Traveling and caring for animals are two of my passions and being able to pursue these dreams while also helping animals in need will be a life-changing experience. I appreciate any additional support to help me make this trip happen!


  • Bulawayo, Zimbabwe