Trip to Peru for an experience that will impact thousands

Audrey Tremaine Start Date: Jun 26, 2018 - End Date: Oct 23, 2018
  • Machupicchu, Peru

My Travel Story

by: Audrey Tremaine Start Date: Jun 26, 2018 - End Date: Oct 23, 2018
This tri
p to Peru is an experience that will not only benefit me as well as the people of Peru. On this volunteer trip to Peru I will be building shelters, greenhouses, and friendships. I will be able to see a new culture live and in action. Thus, I will mostly likely become more open minded and welcoming to others. I never been on a volunter trip abroad and I am hoping too expand my horizons and travel the world. My outlook on life will be altered and the Peruvians. The people will benefit from the protection provided by the new home we will build; greenhouses built will restore health into the many malnutrition kids and families; the relationships I find with the kids and adults will help me to understand the world a little more and prepare me for the future. 
I am a hard working student and frequently volunteer thought the year. This trip is the next step in my service career and I hope to make change. I believe that if I put my determination and passion towards improving the lives of others, then I will make a positive change in the world. Help me to raise funds for my trip, I am looking forward to caring for those who have brought so much to the world already.
  • Machupicchu, Peru