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Chad Esaiah Start Date: May 13, 2018 - End Date: Jun 21, 2018
  • Seoul, South Korea

My Travel Story

by: Chad Esaiah Start Date: May 13, 2018 - End Date: Jun 21, 2018
Have you ever felt that things could have been better if it wasn't for your current situation? Because of one small problem no matter how hard you tried all efforts would be ultimately wasted? I've lost one love already due to unavoidable circumstances and I fear I'm about to lose another.

Both due to long distance...

Why do I keep falling for foreign girls? It's because here in New Zealand my options are pretty bloody limited. There is so much more hope this time however as this girl is also from New Zealand the only catch is that she is currently studying in the US.

Here's the basic story..

A close friend of mine introduced me to her briefly before she moved to the States. I've been talking on the phone with this girl quite a lot lately. Her family is going on a trip to Korea in July and invited me. I'm a student and only working casual hours a week, I have no idea how I could save up enough money for this. I told the family that I would try to save anyway. I will try! Very hard! I'm a little bit desperate because even tho she will eventually after a few years return to NZ, I feel there is only limited time before she meets someone else. Of course I could also meet someone else in that time... (yea good luck meeting anyone in New Zealand, I feel like I have a better chance finding a decent sheep to date) I should still try while things are going well now.

Basically I'm here to ask for money...
If I don't reach my goal of $1000 I will still slave away hoping I find a way to go. However, If I can reach that goal of 1K I will do everything I can to wife that girl ahah :P The trip is planned for July so I have around 2 months to get everything together.
Obviously I will need more than $1000 but I plan on working hard and making up the difference.
I'm already so grateful that you've taken the time out to read this much.

That's her in the photo by the way, I try to keep her identity secret so its just a photo from behind sorry! But take my word for it, she's a cutie! :P
  • Seoul, South Korea