The Modern Love Story

Regan Anderson Start Date: Feb 15, 2018 - End Date: Jun 14, 2018
  • Karachi, Pakistan

My Travel Story

by: Regan Anderson Start Date: Feb 15, 2018 - End Date: Jun 14, 2018
Hello everyone! My name is Regan, and here is my story:

In the summer of 2017 I met a man who would change my life forever! My husband Ali and I met while he was vacationing in America for his sister's wedding. I was instantly captivated by him, and we spent the entire summer travelling all over the metroplex to be together. Shortly after we fell in love, he had to return to Pakistan when the summer ended because he is currently working on obtaining his Pharmacology degree. For six months, we kept our relationship alive with the help of social media and video chat (thank God for technology, am I right?)
This January, Ali was able to visit me in Dallas for two weeks. And then, the most beautiful thing happened! We got married! It was magical, and our families were overjoyed....but he had to return home to Karachi almost immediately to finish his last and final semester.

I am looking to travel to Pakistan for several reasons....first and foremost to be with my husband and his family. I want to share that special moment of his graduation with him. I also want to spend time with my in-laws and get to know them more intimately so that I can build lasting relationships with them. I want to expand my horizons, learn a new language, experience a new culture, and also become artistically inspired by the environment and the culture. In my home town, I am a Creative Director. Currently I work directly with my local community to establish an interactive atmosphere for artists and guests alike at artistic showcases. I'm hoping to organize an art show in Karachi, similar to the shows I do here at home, with all local artists based out of Pakistan.

Currently, I am working two jobs to save up and go as soon as possible, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try something like this. Thank you so much for reading, and helping me on my adventures! Let love win!

  • Karachi, Pakistan


  • I Got My Visa!

    I got my Visa!
    Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far, I was able to travel from Dallas to Houston to the Pakistan
  • I Recieved My Passport! Next Step, VISA!

    I Recieved My Passport! Next Step, VISA!
    I am going to be heading to Houston this Thursday to visit the Pakistan Embassy there to get my visa for travel. Thank you all so much for the help, every little bit has helped me to get this far! We continue to get steps closer!

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