Cosmos in Jamaica-make our dream come true!

Maks and Magda Motyka Start Date: Oct 16, 2017 - End Date: Nov 23, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Maks and Magda Motyka Start Date: Oct 16, 2017 - End Date: Nov 23, 2017

 Dreams do not come true, but we do have the power to make dreams come true!


Cosmos-who are we?

„You’ll see, we will run away from here…”- these are the words we heard when precisely on 23.11.2016 Cosmos went down to earth... This is when we (Magda and Maks) have decided to live together in “in a spaceship called Love”... does it sound like confession of some freaks? J There definitely is something about it! Let's start at the beginning – it was precisely on 23.11.2016 when I (Maks), completely intimidated, have sent Magda the song “Somewhere between, in between” by Hurt… after the first words of this song, that is “you’ll see, we will run away from here” we have already known that for us they are not just words … In one second, we both felt that we wanted to share something with each other, and that we wanted to invite each other to something. This is when we have decided to run away together, run away to Cosmos, and change our lives completely. Does it still sound like confession of some freaks? well… Let’s try from different angle maybe. Try to imagine that on Earth exist two bodies, and two souls, independently, that both feel that they do not fit the place where they are. Years go by, people come and go, and the two souls and bodies feel that they miss something… and then, finally, comes the day when the bodies and souls meet, start to talk to each other, and some invisible force pushes them towards the drifting in the universe cosmic ball, with place for ONLY the two specific, cosmic bodies, and two cosmic souls. It turned out that our two souls and bodies fit there perfectly. And that is how our Cosmos=Love started, and this is when we first called it “Cosmos” on the same day, at 11:19 PM. Currently our Cosmos wonderfully develops, like a snowball, we are flying over the moon, our life is very unpredictable and crazy, completely unconventional and out-of-the-box – and so it will remain!

Examples of being unconventional:

1. Confidence - the feeling that happened to us in Cosmos for the first time. We are sure that there will never be any uncertainty :) The cosmos is simply infinite!

2. One brain – a Cosmic phenomenon, meaning that we have exactly the same thoughts and ideas at the same time :) It happens... all the time ;)

3. Life – exactly the same plan and the same vision of life J, life that started on 23.11.2016. From that moment we feel that we are making up for the time lost, when we were forced to live separately, that is why everything here is happening quickly, snowballing!

4. Time – in Cosmos has a different dimension. Today, in Cosmo-time, it is 22.5 years since Cosmos went down to Earth (1 week in normal world = 1 year in Cosmo-world). Why such a conversion rate? As we have already mentioned, everything in Cosmos is happening quickly, snowballing, like the time wanted to make up for all the days spent apart from each other…

5. Changes – I never thought love existed. I considered relationships to be just being used to some things, and I thought it could fade away. Marriage? Family? Impossible, but yet it’s true (Magda). I always thought I needed a lot of space, that I was a loner and a recluse. I preferred being alone, than with someone. And now? Being 24 hours a day together is not enough, not enough to implement our plans for the day. We don’t have time even for turning the TV on, and the list of movies to watch is getting longer and longer. Even though we spend all this time together, we are never getting bored. We very often miss each other, even when we’re together, do you think it’s strange? In Cosmos it is a normal thing… (Maks)

6. Dreams – countless! Right now the most important and most urgent one is – our Cosmo-marriage in Jamaica, on the anniversary of Cosmos getting down to earth – that is on 23.11.2017


Cosmo-marriage in Jamaica – 23.11.2017


Jamaica is of particular importance to us, but not because of its beaches, popularity, uniqueness of the place, the famous marijuana or other such things.

Jamaica is simply our lifestyle. What brings us together is the reggae music, and therefore love, freedom, peace, respect for other people. Jamaica attracts us also because of our sensitivity to the difficult living conditions – slums, simply being yourself is visible among the people of Jamaica, openness to making dreams come true, seeing the beauty in small things, uniqueness of the Jamaican wildlife…

Already at the beginning of Cosmos the word Jamaica appeared. From this moment on it kept appearing in our plans and dreams. And when the dream of marriage appeared, we had no doubts where we want it to happen. That’s right, the magical “we want” appears here, we would like to make this dream come true, but as you can imagine, flying there, the marriage and the stay in Jamaica are not the cheapest options, dreams…

We are trying many things, to obtain the funds, such as:

- Change of job – we currently work in a place that does not allow us saving money for such demanding goal, therefore we wish to change it to a better-paid one, yet so far, for some time already, we are still looking for one like that. It is not easy at all to find a job that will allow us making such a dream come true, and November is very soon…

- Luck – hoping for luck, we are buying scratch tickets, but the effects of this are… not satisfactory...

As you can see, no effects so far… But Cosmos has recently told us – try crowdfunding :)

At first, we thought, that it is rather impossible to get the amount we need, that it is impossible that so many people could trust us, trust Cosmos, and that they would help us make the dream come true. We had doubts, we thought it would not succeed. We were wandering whether or not we expect too much, but we have recently been told such words: “If your dreams do not frighten you, they must be not big enough” – so ours are not, and so we try! :)

Let’s focus on conclusions. Why such an amount?

1. First, we need to get there – tickets to Jamaica for two people are 1430 euro.

2. Wedding rings – 453 euro.

3. The stay there (accommodation, meals, other fees), including the most important moment, that is the Cosmo-dream (marriage officiant, decoration, photograph, music etc.) – 7547 euro.

4. Return from Jamaica – for a couple = 1430 euro.


In total: 10 860 euro.


Of course, every one euro will to us be worth your weight in gold :) !!! We will be grateful for every single one!

Any doubts? We will dispel them :)

If any of you (we doubt that) while reading this text, finding out about our dream, and seeing the amount that we need to obtain, think anything like:

a) They will surely divorce soon, so why invest so much in marriage…

d) It must be some kind of fake!

c) After such a short time, people even do not decide to live together, and they are getting married already – they don’t know what they are doing!

d) For such an amount, they could organize a wedding in Poland, buy a car, etc.

Here’s our answer:

RE: a) We trust each other, we’ve fought our way out of many troubles, we are always supportive to each other, and we know that divorce will never appear in our Cosmo-dictionary!

RE: b) This is not any fake story! We can prove our authenticity, by gradually sharing with you proofs of purchase of things like tickets, wedding rings, etc. Additionally, after the marriage ceremony, we can scan the marriage confirming document and show you a photograph :) You can also contact us at: You can also send there your addresses, and we will send you some little gifts from Jamaica, in gratitude for your help :)

RE: c) On 23.11.2017, according to Cosmo-time, it will be 52 years together in Cosmos. We are not getting into hot water, we are already there, and we only wish to set the seal on it now :)

RE. d) We could do that, but we prefer using a bus, and having a Cosmo-marriage in Jamaica, than a supercar, with a feeling of unrealized dream… and what if Jamaica is our “place in the World”?


Thank you, Guys!

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