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Brandon Mays Start Date: Sep 16, 2013 - End Date: Jan 13, 2014
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My Travel Story

by: Brandon Mays Start Date: Sep 16, 2013 - End Date: Jan 13, 2014

Hello. My name is Brandon Mays. I am a former Foreign Language and Culture Major and  foreign language enthusiast.  I have studied English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and have always had uncanny understanding of the mechanics of a language and a natural flare for learning new languages, which is what attracted me to the International TEFL Academy. With a certification from the Academy, I will be eligible to teach English as a foreign language in any of numerous countries around the world, such as Panama, Columbia, China, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Thailand, and Costa Rica, just to name a few.

Over the past few decades as the world has become a more internationally interconnected community and with the world’s language of choice being English, there has been a staggering increase in the demand for English teachers from around the globe. As a native English speaker, I intend to take advantage of my global value and seize the opportunity to both explore new cultures and use my talent to help satisfy the demand.

The course is completed in an intensive eleven weeks and includes hours of live student teaching at various schools or other TEFL locations in my area. During the class, I will be applying to several schools from the globe, working closely with a skilled and experienced  advisor with the time and resources to be personally invested in helping me find employment in English schools abroad.  The tuition for the course is $1,350.  On top of that I will be responsible for travel expenses and start up cost such as finding an apartment and things of that nature.

I will of course take many pictures and videos of my experiences and share them with all of you. I am very excited about this opportunity and would greatly appreciate any and all donations from family, friends and organizations that would be generous enough to donate. I am confident this will be a successful and fulfilling endeavor. 

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