Help Hitesh to au pair in China!

HITESH BHARDWAJ Start Date: Sep 2, 2015 - End Date: Dec 30, 2015

My Travel Story

by: HITESH BHARDWAJ Start Date: Sep 2, 2015 - End Date: Dec 30, 2015
I have always wanted to learn about other cultures and there is no better way of doing that, than living with the people representing the culture. I would share my experiences, culture and bring home the knowledge and diversity of the uniquely rich chinese culture. I beleive India and China have a lot in common, with their ancient civilizations, their medicine systems, religions and vibrant heritage. There is an untold bond between the two nations, a fire of great knowledge that needs to be reignited. I would love to do my part in this great endeavour. 

With an IELTS score of 8.5 bands, I can safely say I am good with English and can teach it to non-native speakers.

The only thing holding me back is the funding and since in India, most of us live below the poverty line, this should not come as a surprise. However, despite my situation, I managed to get a masters degree in tourism administration (on a state scholarship) and a B.Sc. in airlines, tourism and hospitality management. 

This would be a great and meaningful travel experience because I would encourage more Indians to take interest in, and learn about the Chinese culture through various mediums. I'd share my fascination and my travel experiences with them to make them aware of our unique bond with our brothers up north.