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Kelcie Whiting Start Date: Mar 18, 2014 - End Date: Jun 15, 2014
  • Salamanca, Spain

My Travel Story

by: Kelcie Whiting Start Date: Mar 18, 2014 - End Date: Jun 15, 2014

Hi, all! As some of you may know, I plan on studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain for 6 weeks this summer through the API study abroad program. I am anxious, nervous, and so so excited to continue my education in such a beautiful place and at such a historical university (pictured in my campaign photo - the oldest "universidad" in Spain!). I want to travel and gain these life experiences while I am young and still can. On top of taking classes at the University, I will have the opportunity to go on exursions to places such as Barcelona, Portugal, Italy, and Paris! I have studied the beautiful language of spanish for 6 total years now and cannot wait to (hopefully!) be able to say that I am fluent and finish the remaining credits for my spanish minor here at Oregon State.

I do have financial aide, but as much as I wish that it covered all of the does not. I also recently found out that airfare, along with books and other class expenses, are not included with the program fees and tuition, so my goal is to raise enough for those through this site, and then work more hours at my job this next term to save for personal spending money. As much as my parents are willing to help, I would prefer to raise and earn this money on my own and not drain them of every penny in their pocket. I will pay you back in postcards, baked goods, and lots of hugs, I promise! My friends say I'm a pretty good baker ;)

Please do not feel obligated to help, as I am grateful for anyone taking the time to read this! However, even a spare dollar or two will help me on this wonderful journey!

Thanks so much!

  • Salamanca, Spain