Help me help THEM! $ = School Supplies and Feminine Hygiene Supplies

Alana Bennett Start Date: Sep 29, 2015 - End Date: Nov 9, 2015
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My Travel Story

by: Alana Bennett Start Date: Sep 29, 2015 - End Date: Nov 9, 2015
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Hello Internet,

I am asking for donations as I am traveling to Africa in November to volunteer with two NGO's in Tanzania and in Kenya. I will be doing HIV/AIDS Community Outreach in Tanzania and teaching children in a very rural Massaii village in Kenya. It's an amazing opportunity and I am thankful to have been accepted into the International Volunteer HQ​ program.

What I will be doing in Tanzania: Many people who are known to be suffering from HIV/AIDS in Tanzania can find it difficult to gain employment and ultimately provide for their households. I will be assisting women living with HIV/AIDS, supporting them in becoming more self-sufficient. Other duties may include helping to prepare lunch for the women, providing care for children who may have to accompany their mothers to the project site, and providing assistance to maintain the site grounds.

I need your help to fundraise for the program fees which go directly to the NGO,, and to purchase feminine hygiene supplies to the women who depend on the program for their livelihood. Sanity supplies are unaffordable and very hard to come by. I plan to purchase in bulk before leaving and transporting there.

What I will be doing in Kenya: In rural Massaii communities the presence of volunteers is beneficial in opening the minds and broadening the horizons of students, along with exposing them to native (or fluent) English speakers. I will be placed in a community school, and assist local teachers with daily classes in Math, English, Science, Social Studies (Geography and History), Art and Physical Education.

Your donations would go directly towards to the program fees + educational school supplies I plan to purchase in bulk and take over. I plan on taking scientifically oriented toys like magnifying glasses, magnets, building blocks, educations books etc.

I am also going to be doing portraiture of the women & children to provide to all financial donators as a thank you upon return.

Please help me help THEM by donating what you can.

Many many thanks.

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