Help me take my daughter on her dreamtrip to London

Jane Pedersen Start Date: Oct 25, 2016 - End Date: Apr 24, 2017
  • London, Greater London, United Kingdom

My Travel Story

by: Jane Pedersen Start Date: Oct 25, 2016 - End Date: Apr 24, 2017
I am the single mother of a wonderful 15 year old girl named Milla who has been dreaming of seeing London for a long time. Her father died when she was only 10 months so it has close to always just been the two of us. The year after her father died I was diagnozed with the chronic disease Collittis Ulcerosa, but that didn't stop me from starting my own business in 2005. Unfortunately after the financial crisis I had to close down in the end of 2010 because of slow sales and I fell ill with severe depression and stress. It has been a hard battle to try and get back on my feet since then and unfortunately it has not been possible to find a job since then. My big dream is to be able to go to London for a few days with my daughter and to see the sights and do a bit of shopping, but the money are just not there for it and it breaks my heart that I haven't been able to take my daughter anywhere while her friends travels several times during a year. Then by coincidence I stumbled over this website and thought I would try my luck and see if there were any chance of being able to show Milla this beautiful city. I sincerely hope theres is and I thank you all in advance.
  • London, Greater London, United Kingdom


  • Hoping

    Hoping to get the opportunity to show my daughter this sight and to see it again myself. Haven't been to London since 1989 myself and have dreamed of returning since then.