Waylan Wants to See Volcanos!

Lauren Hofmann Start Date: Dec 1, 2017 - End Date: Nov 30, 2018
  • Hawaii, United States of America

My Travel Story

by: Lauren Hofmann Start Date: Dec 1, 2017 - End Date: Nov 30, 2018

This travel fund campaign is intended to help us afford Waylan's trip to Hawaii! I want to help make an impression on my 3 (almost 4) year old son who LOVES volcanoes. He is obsessed with exploding ash, lava, lahars, and earthquakes. It's making my head spin- everything he chooses has to be based on the color or texture of lava. He's smarter than I am and he can tell you what gasses are in a volcano and the different layers of the Earth. This is specifically a trip involving education and inspiring wonder. So all the money you would use to buy us gifts for Christmas or birthdays, can be directly depositied here :)

I thought I had found a great deal on plane tickets a couple months ago, but it was still too expensive and my child keeps asking me every single day if we are still going to Hawaii. This Travel fund will help give Waylan the opportunity to see volcanoes, lava flows, and establish his interest in becoming a volcanologist one day (yikes! but whatever he wants to do). I do not think this is your average toddler obsession, and while he does have those little obsessions that cycle between his love of crabs, clams, snakes, squirrels, and mice, he tells me all the time he wants to be a scientist and that makes me incredibly proud. He could change his mind one day, sure, but we will have had a fantasic adventure.

I have already included what I'll be spending from my own savings towards this trip but flight tickets are basically what I need help with the most (plus helicopter fees- read on). So the cost estimates cover about 2 weeks worth of expenses. Some of the activities will be doing are on this website: https://www.lovebigisland.com/activities-to-do/ .
According to an older article cited below, the average cost for accomodations and food PER DAY on Hawaii add up to about $793 for two people. However we plan to utilize the grocery store (or beach fruit) and Waylan can eat off my plate, so I'm dropping the cost here. We plan to stay at air bnb's with an average of about $85 a night- some cheaper. We will also need to rent a car, buy gas, groceries/restaraunts, museum/park entrance fees, and we are limiting money geared toward souveniers.

One of the more expensive touristy activities I want to do is take Waylan on a helicopter ride to see lava from a different angle. Helicopter trips can cost anywhere on average at about $400 per person depending on how long the trip is (see why I needed to set up this travel fund?). There are also volcanos on a couple of the smaller islands that we may consider going to, so I included ticket prices for the ferry. We might even try to make it to one of the observatories as Waylan also really loves planets and space. We will also be doing lots of free stuff too and since there could be something missing, we are open to any suggestions or alternatives to help lower the travel fund cost!

As an artist, I simply can't afford this trip on my own. I want my son to have wonderful, lasting, memories for years to come. My house is too full of things and not there's never enough pictures and memories. The money donated will help pay for the travel exprenses for Waylan, myself and possibly another adult to help with all our logistics and toddler trantrums (because this kid doesn't nap. Ever. ). However, for those who donate to this travel fund, you'll receive a postcard, so make sure to PM me your address! For big donations, $200 or more, we'll send you a shout out on facebook or we'll send the video to your personal email. Program fee's will include helicopter tour, museum, obervatory or other educational activities. Local Travel Expenses will include car, gas, food/restaraunts and a little extra in case we're in a bind.

*Fund My Travel fee's will be included in the cost which is approx $250. (lame, I know). 

This trip is sure to light up Waylans winning smile for miles. Thanks for reading and hope you can donate to our trip! 

  • Hawaii, United States of America


  • Happy Holidays! Launching Our Travel Fund Today!

    Happy Holidays! Launching our Travel Fund today!
    Got the site up today so "Santa" can make the funding to Hawaii happen.