JJ Volunteers in Nicaragua #GIVE

Jenelle Jones Start Date: Sep 30, 2013 - End Date: Jan 27, 2014
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My Travel Story

by: Jenelle Jones Start Date: Sep 30, 2013 - End Date: Jan 27, 2014
I will be volunteering in a small fishing community in Nicaragua. We will be focusing on education and building infrastructures out of recycled materials, such as schools built out of plastic bottles.
  • Various Locations, Multiple Countries


  • I Am Girl Rising


    I hope all of you enjoyed the wonderful event that was put on at the http://gathr.us/screening/6360 ! For those of you that have not seen http://youtu.be/BJsvklXhYaE , do so. What a great job http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5025941&directed_target_id=0 !

    It is so inspiring to see so many powerful young girls persevere. They are overcoming obstacles many of us could not even begin to fathom. This one of those awe-inspiring, eye opening films. They made me realize that the GRE, Financial Aid and entrance letters are not obstacles, at least not in comparison. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to be working towards a graduate level degree, that women here do not have to fight to be educated anymore.

    I feel even more priviliged knowing that I will have the opportunity to make it possible for more girls, somewhere else, to get an education. To build a school they never thought they would have, to teach them something they had not known before. To give them the opportunity to rise, to overcome anything, to be anything.

    So, I want to thank all of you that are helping me to make this possible. Thank you for helping make some little Wadley's dreams come true.

    Thank you,



  • What Is Fall Without Pumpkin Spice?

    I am pleased to announce the arrival of pumpkin spice cookies! I caved and tried one--or some--and they are delish!


    I hope everyone else loves them as much as I do!