Providing Care for Rescue Elephants!

Lil Bug Start Date: Dec 28, 2021 - End Date: Sep 27, 2022

My Travel Story

by: Lil Bug Start Date: Dec 28, 2021 - End Date: Sep 27, 2022
I was lucky enough to do an internship last summer with Eco Adventures in Millersville, MD near my hometown. Eco adventures is, from their website, "Owned by Nat Geo's herpetologist/personality/book author-Dr. Brady Barr and marine biologist wife-Mei Len Sanchez-Barr, Eco Adventures provides a variety of hands-on conservation programs in hopes to inspire young conservationists. Part of our mission includes housing many rescued and misplaced animals. Eco Adventures houses over 100 native and exotic animals on display and as animal ambassadors. Our one of a kind facility features a simulated rainforest full of animal exhibits and a glowing volcano, an "Underwater Pier" discovery room, an outside sluice and fossil Dig, and an outside field and classroom (Pixie Hollow) that neighbors the Severn Run Wildlife Area – 1700 acres of pristine wilderness! With each visit, you will notice something exciting and new: new animals, new exhibits, new themed decorations- and friendly and knowledgeable staff! It is our pleasure to offer extraordinary experiences in hopes to connect the public with nature! So go ahead... Experience the Extraordinary!  

While interning there my mom spoke to a friend of hers about my excitement working with the animals.  Her friend told her about VWI, and the opportunity to volunteer to take care of elephants in their sancutaries. It became a dream of mine to go and help with this important work. The opportunity to do the hard work necessary to take care of these giant awesome animals and to learn the local culture of Jaipur India is a rewarding adventure of a lifetime.  I understand the days start early and the work is hard, but it is worth it to know that these magestic animals have all of the care they need to feel healthy and loved. 

I am very hopeful that my friends, family and internet framily (friends and family) will be able to help make this dream come true for me to assist in helping these precious pacederms recieve the most excellent care they deserve!