Moira's African Wildlife Conservation Trip

Moira Davis Start Date: May 16, 2016 - End Date: Nov 15, 2016
  • South Africa

My Travel Story

by: Moira Davis Start Date: May 16, 2016 - End Date: Nov 15, 2016
The escalating rate of rhino poaching in South Africa has resulted in many orphaned rhinos in need of medical care. Poachers often cut the horns off mother rhinos, and abandon them to die. As a result, many orphaned baby rhinos end up at the Care For Wild reserve, traumatized and undernourished. 

During my trip to South Africa, I will be focused on bottle-feeding, hand-rearing and providing veterinary care to injured baby rhinos, as well as monitoring their behavior and aiding with the socialization of adolescant rhino groups.

As a student considering a future in environmental law, this topic is very near to my heart. I am interested in studying the ways to better enforce and create laws that conserve and protect wildlife. Working directly with these animals, who have suffered from human criminal activity, will be a lifechanging experience that will help me to understand the impact I can have on wildlife from a legal standpoint.
  • South Africa