Study in Spain, a dream finally coming true!

Bilyne Geffrard Start Date: Mar 5, 2020 - End Date: Jul 4, 2020
  • La Coruña, Spain

My Travel Story

by: Bilyne Geffrard Start Date: Mar 5, 2020 - End Date: Jul 4, 2020
Hello Beautiful Creature of God!

My name is Bilyne Geffrard. I am determined to go to Spain this summer to learn Spanish and to get a taste of the Spanish lifestyle and culture. The Spanish course and internship program will last for 10 weeks
(June 14-August 22, 2020) and it is organized through Linguistic Horizons: (in case you want to check it out)

I have a college degree in Business Administration and Management, a minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management and eventually pursue a degree in linguistics. At the ripe age of twelve, I fell in love with foreign languages. As a Haitian Creole native speaker, I fluently speak Haitian Creole, French, English and basic Spanish. Growing up, I have always dreamed of becoming a motivational speaker, who is motivating and inspiring audience, especially young people, from different cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds and languages. Hence the reason I started the journey on becoming a polyglot.

Nevertheless, for the past twenty-two years, financial roadblock, intimidation and the overwhelming process have decimated that dream. Today, I rise again to make sure when I look back on life, I can proudly say, "I can't believe I did that", Instead of saying: "I wish I did that." Going to Spain will not only help me connecting with people from different cultures, age groups and languages; it will also help me being a role model for Ketou, my four-year-old daughter. A couple years from now, she will look at an unrealistic dream, and believe that she can accomplish it because her mother did it. 

The program fee is $7,495; the airline ticket is $1,500 roundtrip; food and extra expenses like transportation and visiting Tower of Hercules (Torre de Hercules), which will be between $500 and $1000. For the next two months, I will pinch pennies however I can—skip my morning coffee out, carpool, buy lower-grade gas or pick cheaper cuts of meat at the grocery store but I will still need some help. The more help I get, the closer I am getting to my big dream. Anything will help, even just five dollars (that’s bus fare!) If you donate, I will send you a collection of photos and notes on what I learn from my travel, and if you give me your address, I can send you a postcard from Spain!

Thank you so much for your generous contribution. I am super-duper excited for this new journey. May the God of happiness bless you today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. Try to view life in a positive way, keep the glass half full!

“One day you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you always wanted. Do it now.” – Paulo Coelho.

  • La Coruña, Spain


  • Getting Started Is The Hardest Part

    Getting started is the hardest part
    “The hardest part is starting. Once you get that out of the way, you’ll find the rest of the journey much easier.”
    — Simon Sinek

    Thank you to these three people for being the first ones to invest into my dream. Extremely grateful!!
  • The First Seed

    The first seed
    That first seed means the world to me.
    Thank you to that generous donor who believes in my dream and plant the first seed. I will be forever grateful.

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