My 1st Medical Trip: To Namibia!!!-June 5th

Lynda Labranche Start Date: Mar 7, 2016 - End Date: Jul 4, 2016

My Travel Story

by: Lynda Labranche Start Date: Mar 7, 2016 - End Date: Jul 4, 2016
Hi, thank you for visiting! My name is Lynda...I am currently doing my residency training in Family Medicine at Hidalgo Medical Services in Silver City, NM and will be traveling to do medical services May 31st, 2016.

So many children and adults who live in undeveloped countries outside of the US suffer from lack of health care. Since I have been given the opportunity by my residency program to do a global health rotation, I wanted to travel to Namibia; a country northwest of South Africa to help the impoverished and marginalized San Bush people. The families are in need of medical support and so much more.

I look forward to spending 4 weeks at the Lifeline Clinic to offer any help I can as a second year doctor, to have fun and also learn from them. This will fulfill a long time dream to travel to Africa and practice what I love at the same time, medicine!

Please check out the videos and blog by Naankuse Foundation for more about Lifeline Clinic. Thank you so much in advance for supporting this trip with wishes and prayers as well as donations!



    Thank you Pastor, Audrey for the donation and your support!!!
  • 2 Days Checklist!-Almost Done!

    2 days Checklist!-Almost Done!
    -Travel Visa
    -Roundtrip Airline tickets
    -Living arrangements
    -Packing (almost done)....:-)
    -Small toys for the Namibian kids (need to get more)