Ann's 75th Surprise Birthday Adventure

Mara Higgins Start Date: Dec 26, 2017 - End Date: May 30, 2018
  • Dublin, Ireland

My Travel Story

by: Mara Higgins Start Date: Dec 26, 2017 - End Date: May 30, 2018
This is a long-awaited birthday trip to Ireland for Mom, Ann Higgins. Not only will she turn 75 this January 1st, 2018; she also just received her second hip replacement. When I realized I had enough miles saved up, I knew this was the best way to spend them. I have known about her desire to visit the homeland of our family for decades. Being one of the most generous, humble and loving individuals I know, she puts her family and others first, placing her wishes and wants in the backseat. Last September I entered graduate school full-time to pursue a Master of Arts in Social Justice and Ethics. In addition, I am a single mother raising a wonderful, extremely bright and energetic 4-year-old and working as a contract graphic and web designer. My mom’s support over the last few years has been a lifeline and anchor for me at times when I didn’t know how I was going to get by. Now, though I still have a long way to go, I am able to bless her by taking her somewhere she will probably never attempt to do by herself. She has never travelled alone, nor has she stepped foot anywhere outside this continent. Thus, I am raising funds and support for our trip. If you are so inclined to contribute, it would be a generous gift to both of us. May this be the year she checks Ireland off her bucket list! My role in this adventure will be as her travel companion, assistant and tour guide. We will only go to the places and do the things she has longed for. Please give as you are able. I will surprise her with the airline tickets on her birthday and let her know of yours and others participation by sharing this website. Over the following months, you will continue to have the opportunity to contribute; and, I will update the site with any new information and/or our itinerary. I know she will be moved to learn of all the friends and family that have played a role in making this trip possible. If you have a request for how your gift is used (i.e., something special just for Ann, etc.), please let me know (message me or leave a note). Additionally, I enthusiastically welcome any advice, suggestions or insight you have about our travel plans (i.e., a place, location, landmark, church, person or family we should visit). It is my intention to post highlights and pictures along the way; following our return, I will present our full experience (with lots of picture of Ann!).

One final note: this is a surprise! Please be mindful of this if you speak with her before her birthday. After her birthday, it is fine to speak freely and wish her safe travels! We will depart from Minneapolis May 31st, 2018 and return from Dublin June 12th.

Many blessings, joy, peace and health to you in the New Year,
Mara Higgins (

P.S. Our Facebook group page: Ann's 75th Birthday Adventure to Ireland
  • Dublin, Ireland