Shayla Lueders Start Date: Dec 18, 2016 - End Date: Sep 17, 2017
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by: Shayla Lueders Start Date: Dec 18, 2016 - End Date: Sep 17, 2017
Hey everyone! So i've been planning this trip to South Africa for a couple months now and decided to bite the bullet and set it up! Now that my time with this program is finalized i can begin moving forward with everything! I'll be volunteering on an animal sanctuary for a week, then continue my trip on an 18 safari throughout South Africa! I would greatly appreciate your support in helping fund my trip, no matter the size of donation, it would mean the world to me, but do not feel obligated whatsoever! This trip is to celebrate my graduation of high school! Im excited to travel to such a beautiful country and experience first hand a 'new world' and get to interact with new people and especially with the animals! Thank you in advance if you choose to support❤️ Much love! (I've linked some videos and the programs' website if you'd like to find out more info on everything!)
  • South Africa


  • First Payment Made !!

    First Payment Made !!
    I'm so happy to have saved up enough in 2 months to place the deposit on my trip! I'm excited and relieved to know my place is secure on the adventure i'm so desperately looking forward to! With the deposit paid, this means i can shave off $850 from my fundraising goal! Thank you so much to those that have helped me out so far! I greatly appreciate it!