Kenya's Poetry Festival For Youths & Adults: Irie Poetry Vibess

Opal Adisa Start Date: Jun 4, 2015 - End Date: Jul 3, 2015
  • Kenya, East Africa

My Travel Story

by: Opal Adisa Start Date: Jun 4, 2015 - End Date: Jul 3, 2015
I have been invited to attend the Kistrech Poetry Festival in Kenya, and it is an amazing opportunity to work with high school and college students in Kenya sharing my poetry, as well as other poets from the Caribbean and the opportunities to conduct poetry workshops on topics relevent to those students.

This is also a cultural exchange, whereby, I will learn more about Kenya and the topics and issues that are relevant at this time. I will also have the oppurtunity to share historical and cultural information about the Caribbean as well as provide relevant information about contemporary Caribbean and African American poets.

KISTRECH POETRY FESTIVAL is relatively new and unfunded. However it is the goal of the organizer, Christopher Okemwa, to expose students and citizens to an international array of poetry and poets. To this end, he has invited poets with the expectation that they can independently garner funds to attend and share their experiences with the Kisii Community which is located 3 hours from the capital Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Kenya, East Africa


  • Help Me Teach Poetry In Kenya

    12 More Days to help me Realize my Dream to teach Poetry in Kenya.

    I have been invited to participate in the Kistrech Poetry Festival in Kenya from August 1-12, 2015.

    The organizer has not secured funding to bring in international acts, but wants to bring professional poets to students in Kenya. I would like to support his mission (see in link) and finance my own participation in this worthy conference to bring a broader perspective of poetry to high school aged students in Kenya.

    Please click the link to learn more about this conference and my involvement.

    Support my effort to Share my work and Teach poetry to students in Kenya.

    All I need in 500 People each giving $10.

    • Will Share Photos and poetry students write Upon my Return.