Volunteering in Bali

Ciara Donohue Start Date: Apr 18, 2017 - End Date: Aug 17, 2017
  • Bali, Indonesia

My Travel Story

by: Ciara Donohue Start Date: Apr 18, 2017 - End Date: Aug 17, 2017
Hey Everyone,
So this August I will be travelling to Bali to volunteer as part of a mental health programme with SLV. Having had a huge amount of success running projects in Sri Lanka, SLV have only recently set up similar projects in Bali, which is great as the mental health facilities are seriously lacking in the community. 

While there I will be working in a psychiatric facility, working with individuals who suffer from mental issues. In addition I'll also be working with inidividuals with special needs and teaching English to children and young people in the local community.

The programme I will be with receives no funding from the government, so all the funds I raise will be going to funding the running of the programme. This programme is completely voluntary and I will receive no payment during the placement, I will also be paying for my own flights from Dublin to Bali. I am participating in this project to apply what I have learnt in my degree so far and get some hand on experience with psychology!

Any donations at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your genorosity and support.
Ciara :)
  • Bali, Indonesia