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Illarion Solodov Start Date: Jul 11, 2017 - End Date: Oct 8, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Illarion Solodov Start Date: Jul 11, 2017 - End Date: Oct 8, 2017
Hello, everybody! We are simple couple from Russia in love with travelling. All our life we spend working in rainy Saint-Petersburg and dreaming to visit the most beautiful corners of the world and discover different cultures.

In 2014 we start our first big journey and travel from Saint-Petersburg to lake Baikal by hitch-hicking around 10000 km. Next we planned to travel to Mongolia and China but fate had other plans and because of work we had to return home.

After two years of hard working we decided to quit our jobs and left our home. So we finally had a chance to start a new trip in Asia. We are travelling for 6 month now and already visited 7 countries. During the trip we met a lot of kind people who always helped us on our way. So we realized that the most important thing is to return kindness and love to this world.

Thus we decided to clean one of the beaches in Koh Chang, Thailand from the garbage. Only two of us, one day and 7 big bags of plastic! It was very hard but pleasure to feel you’re making something good.

Then we understand there is a lot of ways to help. The first volunteer experience we had in English school in the mountains of south Vietnam. We shared simple village life with 20 students from different parts of the country. Wake up early, helped them in the farm to grow food, and spent rest of the day practicing English, having a great cultural exchange.

The best way immerse deep into the culture of any country is to live side by side with locals, with one routine, have the same duties as they are, and share knowledge.

During the trip we understand that we want to travel around the world and make something good in every country on our way. Now our dream is to visit Latin America. We’ve already found few volunteer programs in Chili and Argentina. One of them is in Equine Therapy centre. We will help children with a wide range of disabilities reach important milestones such as walking, speaking and reading there. One of us has a degree in psychology and experience with children without parents by the art therapy. So it will be great to apply our knowledge to help children in Argentina.

Now we don’t have enough money to take a plane to Latin America. And we ask every person who wants to give love and kindness to this world to help our dream come true. We really believe that all the good you do comes back to you!
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