KENYA & UGANDA - Children everywhere need a hand

Colin Stephens Start Date: Jul 22, 2016 - End Date: Oct 29, 2016
  • Mbale, Eastern Region, Uganda
  • Ngong, Kajiado, Kenya

My Travel Story

by: Colin Stephens Start Date: Jul 22, 2016 - End Date: Oct 29, 2016
In November/December of this year I will be going on my seventh exposure/mission trip to Kenya. Part of this trip will be assisting with the 'Adopt A Basket' program.

'Adopt A Basket' is an initiative of Go Beyond All Borders (GBAB) and one of the missions of Liquid Church.

'Adopt a Basket' began in 2008 and every Christmas since then, continues to bless local families who have experienced a difficult year with Christmas Hampers filled with non-perishable food items. Over the past 8 years we have delivered hundreds of baskets throughout the Mornington Peninsula. 

'Adopt a Basket Kenya' was birthed in 2013 with 50 baskets being distributed to families in the Ngong Slum - Mathare. In Dec 2014 we distributed 220 Adopt a Baskets to the same area and in 2015 there were 425 Adopt a Baskets distributed. Being there first hand to distribute the baskets gives my life purpose. This is why I am going for a seventh time. 

For a small donation of $50 an Adopt a Basket provides essential food items, toothbrushes and some Christmas treats to a family living in extreme poverty in the Ngong slums. All international baskets and food items are sourced and purchased locally within the Ngong area to support the economy and provide much needed employment for locals. The vendor that we bought the 425 baskets from was ever so thankful as that one transaction was equivalent to 3 months business for him. This $50 basket provides resources for a family for at least a month.

As a part of the GBAB Exposure/Mission team, this year I will have a ‘hands on’ role in buying products, packing and distributing the Adopt a Baskets. It is an incredible blessing to give out these baskets and see the reaction and joy of those who are living in such need. The overwhelming thank yous that you receive from the recipients brings you to the point of tears (sadness and joy combined) and you realise how much you are helping the families to feel that they are special and that they matter to someone in the world. Unfortunately, there were families that had to be turned away and that is when you see tears of joy turn to tears of sadness and despair. This is why I am trying to ensure that no-one is turned away in 2016.

This year we have been invited to Uganda to hopefully start 'Adopt a Basket Uganda'. The heart of the program is to help people in our back yard as well as globally. I am really looking forward to this next challenge. Again, by sourcing all the basket requirements locally we are assisting the local community as a whole.

Once back, I will then be able to share with you photos and stories of the people directly affected by any donations made. If you would like this then please make sure I have your email address or I can contact you through social media. I will also update how things are going on this page.

Donations of any amount would be much appreciated, whether it is for baskets or to assist me with my travel costs and thank you in advance! Help spread the word! PEOPLE MATTER!
  • Mbale, Eastern Region, Uganda
  • Ngong, Kajiado, Kenya