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A Almeida Start Date: Jul 31, 2016 - End Date: Jan 30, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: A Almeida Start Date: Jul 31, 2016 - End Date: Jan 30, 2017

If you are here it means you either think my idea is crazy or your intrigued.. Either way let me tell you a little bit bout me and my family. 

I am a recent college graduate and want to be able to do something massive for my family to say thank you. I got this idea back in June I started saving however life had other plans. Bills came up and my part time, minimum wage hours got cut from 25 a week to 4-5 a week and if i was lucky 8 hours. I recently got a second job to help fund this. I have 5 members in my family and what this trip is you may be wondering. 

Well, here is some background. My moms side of the family all lives in Portugal, everyone but us and her parents (my grandparents). 

I know nothing would make my mom more happy then to get to see her aunt and all her cousins. Life is way to short and I want to be able to give her and my grandparents a few weeks to make some memories and have something they will never forget. My great uncle passed earlier this year and we couldn't afford to fly out for the funeral, thats something that just really prompted me I believe. I talk to my cousins a lot over Facebook and they all miss us and want us to come back, they also want to come visit us here however not being a wealthy country and my family not being wealthy its hard for us to see each other.  Last summer I was able to save up enough for my plane ticket and go and surprise my great aunt but my parents and brother couldn't afford to go. I stayed with family and seeing my great aunts face when i got out of the van that was the greatest feeling I had all summer. We may not be rich or even middle class, but we do everything we can to be with family when we can. My second job doesn't start till september so for now I am using my car less to burn less gas, avoiding going out with friends to not spend money and even doing those stupid online survey things just for an extra dollar. 

My parents did everything for me throughout my college years and supporting my crazy dreams of going into a music program. 

My grandfather gave me his old car so I can get to work and school easier. 

My grandmother gave me her time when I needed a place to study where it wasn't noisy and where I could get away from my brother doing his thing. 

My dad is on sick/stress leave from work right now which is so hard on him. He deserves a trip. My mom deserves to see her family.. My grandparents deserve to see their family.. My grandfather he deserves to see his big sister... My brother is so stressed with a recent business venture that cost him a lot and didn't work out. 

This trip I'm planning on my own, hopefully to give them the plane tickets as christmas gifts. Once I have about 80% of it I plan on contacting my moms cousin to organize the place we will be staying at. The only ones who will know of this trip will be myself and her. I want to surprise the whole family. Make it the most memorable christmas and most memorable summer ever for them and for me.

I’m the person who is happy seeing others happy and if you can please donate what you can. It would mean so much. 
In the photo above pictured its my great aunt, myself and my great uncle. 

If you can give 5 cents or 5 dollars thank you. 

If you cant give anything, thank you for visiting and reading this till the end. May god bless you, your family & friends and your ventures in life.

Love Always.

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  • Thank You!!!

    Thank you so much for my first Donation!! it means so much to me to get to see my family again but even more for my mom to see her family.
    My goal is the total estimate for airline given, and even if I don't reach that goal it means the world to me that I am able to get this.
  • Youtube Video Coming Soon!!!

    A little video from some time ago when i was able to buy my plane ticket and stay at families home just to see everyone. The video is me surprising my great aunt who had no idea I was coming. This video, her she is the reason I want to go back, and be able to take my mom to see her aunt.