Mom's Once in A Lifetime Trip

Chanoknan Hittle Start Date: Jul 31, 2016 - End Date: Nov 27, 2016
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My Travel Story

by: Chanoknan Hittle Start Date: Jul 31, 2016 - End Date: Nov 27, 2016
Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to apologize for my poor English writing skill as it is not my mother tongue.

My name is Chanoknan Hittle. I am originally from a beautiful country, Thailand. I have created this campaign to raise travel fund for my beloved mother who currently lives in a small village in the north of Thailand where she raised me when I was a little girl. My mother and I had been through so many hard times together when she was forced to be a single mother for over 5 years when my father had to leave the village to find a new job in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand because of poverty we were facing at that time. We received a few letters from him since he left and then he was disappeared for all of thoses years. That how my mother was forced to be a single mother to raise me ever since.

As my husband and I are expecting our first together. I would like to have my mother to be by my side on this most important life changing event. We consider this is a good chance that we should bring my mother over to the United States for visiting and welcoming her first grandchild. It actually will be more than just a visiting trip but it will be my mother's once in a lifetime trip. This woman has NEVER been out of the country. She even barely leaves her small village. She is barely on vacation her whole life. This trip will be the most memorable trip of her life. I do not know how to explain to help you see a picture. She is 54 years old but she has been on the airplane only one time when I took her to the beach. This will be her first time out of Thailand, first long-haul flight to see the world, see her first grandchild, attending first Thanksgiving, first turkey, first real Christmas and FIRST SNOW. This trip will change the way she looks at the whold world. The world that is very different from the little village where she lives her whole life.

I love my mother to death and I truely need her to be by my side when I am giving birth to her first grandchild. This would mean the whole world to me and to her. I would like my mother to see snow once in the lifetime, touch it and feel it. I would like her to see how we celebrate Thanksgiving and to feel the spirit of Christmas. That is why this trip will be more than just a visiting.

My husband and I work full time. We both work very hard. My husband works extra hours and he never complain about it. I would do anything to support him but as we are doing our best at preparing what we need for our baby inclulding a safe place for her. Therefore, a little help from everyone with this travel cost for my mother would be the best gift for all of us and our coming baby.

We do appreciate your help to make this dream trip happen.

Kind regards,
Chanoknan Hittle
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  • Mom's Once In A Lifetime Trip

    Mom's Once In A Lifetime Trip
    Please help my mother to get to see her first grandchild and first snow in the United States. Let's make this dream trip happen to her.