Pilar Sánchez Yun Start Date: Mar 25, 2018 - End Date: Mar 24, 2019
  • Northeast, Islandia
  • Northwest, Islandia
  • Nordkapp, Noruega
  • Nordland, Noruega

My Travel Story

by: Pilar Sánchez Yun Start Date: Mar 25, 2018 - End Date: Mar 24, 2019
Hi everyone! 

My name is Pilar, I'm 20 years old and currently I'm studying Business Administration in Madrid, next year I will finish my bachelor and I want to give me the opportunity to do what I like the most in the world: fotograph landscapes. 
 I discovered that while I was traveling around northen europe with a scolarship, I realized that my work was pretty good and I decided to continue exploiting that talent. Anyway, I stop being annoyed by telling you my passions and I'll tell you why I need your help.

I spend my days seeing pictures of my favorite instagramers, but I'm not talking about those who wear designer clothes and make makeup ads, I talk about those who travel alone but with a great companion, their camera. I spend the hours imagining how my life would be if I had that opportunity, thinking how they have done to get there, if they have enough money or if they have financed their trips. But I'm tired of thinking and daydreaming with this adventure, I seriously intend to do it, and by informing me on the network about how to finance my trips I have discovered this page, it is the first time I use it and I honestly do not know if I will end up getting yours help, but something tells me that yes, I never lose hope when something I really like. 

An inspiring destination for me would be the Faroe Islands, the small archipelago of the North Atlantic. I would like to spend about four weeks there and rent a van that will be my home during that time in order to move freely. In this time I hope to capture the best landscapes of the area, and of course share them with you on my social networks and on my website. But what I hope above all is to improve, to feel fulfilled, to exploit my talent, in order to make my photography something professional. If I had more time, I would like to finish the trip maybe in northen Iceland, Senja, Lofoten or Nordkapp in Norway, actually I've been in Lofoten but I don't mind to come back.

I am currently trying to collaborate with some banks of images, but we all know that it is a difficult world, someday if I continue working hard it will give its result.

f I start doing this work, I would like to end up writing a book about traveling alone and my life in the van traveling around the world, but this is just the beginning, it depends on you, if you give me an opportunity to show you that I can do things that inspire you. I would also like to make videos and blogs of very good quality travel, I am still learning, but I assure you that if this project gives its result you will find amazing videos of my adventure. I am working and saving to buy a drone to learn how to use it in order to help me do a great job, like a good video about the destination (and pictures, of course) a good video and good photo shoots take a long time, which is why although the archipelago is small, I would need to be there for about four weeks, also to live the experience of traveling alone in a van, of course.

You can check my website and see some of my work with the camera. 
I left you here the link: https://pilarsyun.wixsite.com/travelteraphy

and also my two instagram profiles, the first it's my personal one, where I share random pictures of everyplace where I'm travelling, and the second one it's focus on landscapes!
https://www.instagram.com/pilarsayu/?hl=es @pilarsayu
https://www.instagram.com/pilaryun/?hl=es @pilaryun

f you want to know the people that inspire me to do this to imagine how my future work will be, you can watch these YouTube channels:
(I'm not doing an advertisement haha) 

My pictures in the description are own pictures from old trips, if you want to check some of Faroe's follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=earbZdWCWMg

to finish, I would like to assure that the people that support me in a greater or lesser way will receive news of mine and my works on this project in a show of gratitude.

I hope I have made you feel what I feel, my passion. I just need a little push, that you will decide if I deserve it or not. Thank you very much for reading up here and paying attention to me.

See you :) 


  • Northeast, Islandia
  • Northwest, Islandia
  • Nordkapp, Noruega
  • Nordland, Noruega


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