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Eve Njenga Start Date: May 29, 2017 - End Date: Sep 28, 2017
  • Incheon, South Korea

My Travel Story

by: Eve Njenga Start Date: May 29, 2017 - End Date: Sep 28, 2017
It's finally happening! I just got accepted into my exchange program that will take me to Korea in August! Now i just have to figure out how to pay for it...Well first things first, my name is Eve, i'm about to graduate 8th grade, i'm 14, and i come from a middle income family and we are having trouble finding the funds to actually send me for the whole duration (2 semesters) of my exchange. I really hope anyone can help me fulfill even a small portion of the payment and will be forever grateful to however much you donate! I really want to go to Korea instead of any other country for my exchange for so much reasons like... 
  1. The culture is so different and intergrated into everyday life
  2. It will broaden my understanding of foreign countries
  3. It will give me a chance to really immerse myself into a foreign lifestyle
Why Study Abroad?
Last summer i got the amazing chance to visit South Korea last summer in July and fell in love with the country since, coming from a military family i've always found it better to travel to new places than stay in the same spot for so long. One of my favorite things to study (when i have time) is different cultures and history from countries all around the world.
Why South Korea?
When i visited Korea i was so amazed by how much the culture is very much alive in modern day and practiced on a regular basis, i couldn't help but to want to learn even more! I've been practicing Korean for about a year on my own and just recently got a free tutor to help boost my knowledge on the language, i'm just so excited! I really want to immerse myself into the Korean culture and that's why i chose to be an exchange student and stay with a host family. It will be such an amazing journey for me and hopefully lead to more opportunities to learn and grow as a person, to help this all happen though, i'll need some help raising enough funds to actually afford it... that;s why i'm so greatful to anyone that decides to just donate a few dollars to helping my dream come true. Thank you again for any amount you consider donating to help my campaign!!
  • Incheon, South Korea


  • Adding Doner Gifts!

    To anyone donating, i am setting up quite a few gifts as another thank you! For the ones that include me sending you something in Korea, my program will send me there August 14th so expect your gift to arrive sometime after then (around the end of the month) i'll make sure to keep you updated and will make sure everyone gets their gifts asap after i get oriented after arrival!
  • Campaign Is Good To Go!

    Just found out yesterday, while i was waiting for my dad to set up a new Wells Fargo account (which i attached to my fundmytravel today) someone had tried to donate but wasn't able to because there was no way to transfer the money, bummer! Anyways, i set up all the payment info needed so everything should be good to go for anyone to make a donation, thank you in advance!! My mother just helped me make a fund to myself just to double check that everything is working properly and we should be good to go!