Middle East Study Abroad: Cultural Education and Volunteer

Grace Bass Start Date: Oct 20, 2016 - End Date: Jan 11, 2017
  • Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan

My Travel Story

by: Grace Bass Start Date: Oct 20, 2016 - End Date: Jan 11, 2017
I am more excited than you can imagine to have this incredible opportunity to study abroad in Amman, Jordan. throughout the semester of Spring 2017, my group will travel throught the Middle East to Morroco, Petra, Turkey, and more! I'm double majoring in Intercultural Studies and Journalism. My dream is to working as a foreign correspondent in a location in the Middle East, to try and bring awareness to the suffering of the people and how we can help. I'm a huge advocate for children and women's rights, and I'd love to make a difference with those in the Middle East. I think this trip will be a great step towards my goals for the future. One of the points of the trip I am most excited for is the volunteer work we commit a day to each week. There are numerous ones to work with, such as orphanages, elderly homes, and handicap centers. 

This volunteer work will also go towards my intercultural internship hours I'll need to graduate. All the classes I'll be taking (18 credits) will replace classes I'd take at my University for my Intercultural major. My classes include Arabic language study, conflict and change in the ME, Islamic belief and practice, and the people and cultures of the ME. 

My greatest struggle currently will be paying for my plane ticket as well as my travel fees. Any help is greatly appreciated to get me going on this great adventure.
  • Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan