Volunteering for Caregiving in Delhi, India

Rainy June P. C. Start Date: Oct 6, 2016 - End Date: Aug 1, 2017
  • Delhi, British Indian Ocean Territory

My Travel Story

by: Rainy June P. C. Start Date: Oct 6, 2016 - End Date: Aug 1, 2017
About Me and my Husband

We officially became a dating couple in September 2013 and began traveling together in the following year.

We realized that in any country, there is a clear border line between the rich and the poor. We were born in poor families, that’s how we know what it feels like being poor. Our families, especially our parents worked hard, to give us a better future. But what about those other people who until now really can’t. And those who are below poverty line? We all don’t know the answer to this problem, do we. There’s one thing for sure – poverty is a global epidemic. And its implications have been impacting big time the life and morale of the youth.

I’m a graduate of psychology and currently working in a restaurant in Canada while my husband works in an educational institute in Dubai. In the past, he taught Humanities, Literature, History, as well as Morals and Values, in Grade school and College, and helped in civic welfare such as creating community outreach programs and advocating literacy for the poor.

Our Very First Mission

We decided to plan an anniversary travel in September 2017, and do it for a cause. For us, traveling for a cause is way better than a selfish celebration thus making our anniversary valuable not just for us, but also for the unprivileged youths. Your help will definitely enable us to do this mission. For 2017, we will start in India through Ubelong programs. We believe that doing small things to bring happiness to some people who are in pain, is giving something big enough to trigger change.

Overview of Volunteering for Caregiving in Delhi, India

“It is difficult to get an accurate percentage of Delhi residents living in poverty – and much more difficult to calculate how many of them are homeless. But all reports indicate that the percentage is alarmingly high, as much as 30 percent. The streets of Delhi are packed with children who have been sent out to beg or try to sell something. Abuse, illiteracy and neglect are common. Malnutrition affects over a quarter of children in India.

The caregiving projects support local initiatives providing disadvantaged people emotional and social support. Volunteers bring enthusiasm, love and new ideas. They help build self-esteem by sharing their skills and energy. Volunteers live in Delhi and work throughout the city.

Volunteers work four to six hours a day with children aged 4 to 16. The children come from poor families and the project offers them a positive and safe environment to come to when they are not in school. Volunteer activities include demonstrating good health and hygiene habits like hand washing, as well as helping the children with their homework. Volunteers may also be involved with activities like setting up and organizing the student database and/or library, as well as helping to design their daily schedules. Depending on their background, volunteers also lead activities like making handicrafts, playing sports and putting on theater plays.”
  • Delhi, British Indian Ocean Territory