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Darya Simonova Start Date: May 19, 2018 - End Date: Sep 15, 2018
  • Tokyo, Япония

My Travel Story

by: Darya Simonova Start Date: May 19, 2018 - End Date: Sep 15, 2018
Hello! We're two girls, who is trying to know anything we can about this world: the cultures of different countries, its architecture and the mentality of the people through our own eyes. It's a very good and interesting way to self-develop and understand other people's lives! We have already seen some European countries and now our dream is to go to Japan for the very first time. It seems very different from anything we've seen before and we're so excited to explore this part of our big incredible world! Japan is a country of high technologies and a beautiful traditions at the same time and that makes it very special. It's the country where old meets new and that's why we can't wait to see this miracle ourselves. Unfortunately for us, Tokyo is a very expensive city and our airplane ticket's price is what we can earn only for at least 8 months of the hard work. We both are students and it's very difficult to us to adventure to other cities and especially countries, because of the lack of money. But we're tryng our best to see as many beautiful cities/countries and meet more interesting people as we can. For us traveling is not just a hobby, it's our life. And we'd be so grateful to get a chance for this new adventure! 
  • Tokyo, Япония