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Eowyn Ady Start Date: Aug 23, 2018 - End Date: Mar 31, 2019
  • LA, United States of America
  • New York, NY, United States of America

My Travel Story

by: Eowyn Ady Start Date: Aug 23, 2018 - End Date: Mar 31, 2019
My name is Eowyn, and I'm a student at Thornbury High School. Next year, the school is running an arts tour to the US. This tour is a two week educational trip through Los Angeles and New York. It includes workshops with professional actors and actresses, and tours of the two cities run by cultural experts.

I am passionate about musical theatre, and I have spent much of my formative years studying and avidly participating in theatre education and the likes. This tour would be a wonderful opportunity for me to gain valuable insights in the industry.

I very much admire the rich sense of community involved in musical theatre, both in Melbourne and all over the world. Working with other students, teachers, professionals, who are as passionate as I am about the industry is my favourite part of being involved in musicals, workshops, and lessons. The love that all these people hold for the community is very special, and an amazing thing to be a part of. 

I have have recently finished working on Thornbury High School’s ‘Suessical the Musical’, as can be seen in the pictures on this page. This project has been one of the highlights of my life. Getting to put so much love and work into a project, and watch it flourish was an immensely satisfying experience, and I loved getting to work with all of my fellow students and teachers who were as passionate about the show as I was. The performances went phenomenally, and the bright colours, songs, costumes and characters created such a vibrant experience that I feel so lucky to have been a part of. 

I have also spent several years as a part of the Young Australian Broadway Chorus with Stage School Australia. This program dedicates itself to educating young Australians in performing arts. I get the chance to participate in two professional shows every year, complete with costumes, directors, dancing, singing, and a live band. These shows are such a wonder to be a part of, and the commitment of the teachers in the program to my education is incredibly inspiring. 

I am so excited at the prospect of going on this amazing tour, and I'm so grateful to everyone who has donated, as well as the people who have taken the time to look over this page. Thankyou so much.
  • LA, United States of America
  • New York, NY, United States of America


  • $2000!

    OH my goodness! I can’t even conceptualise how we’ve reached $2000. To everyone who’s donated, I can’t thank you enough. This trip is a literal dream and you are making it possible.