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Mele Ah You Start Date: Nov 2, 2015 - End Date: Jan 25, 2016
  • Florence, Italy

My Travel Story

by: Mele Ah You Start Date: Nov 2, 2015 - End Date: Jan 25, 2016
Hi! I am a second year student at University of Hawaii at Manoa studying fashion design and merchandising with hopes to study abroad in Florence, Italy at the Lorenzo de Medici Italian International Institute in the spring of 2016. I have always wanted to visit Italy, and I truly believe studying in another country for a semester is an amazing experience and very beneficial to anyone who decides to do so. It is so important especially for fashion majors, as well as creative students, to study somewhere different in order to gain inspiration as well as to expand their knowledge. I would love to have the opportunity to live and study in one of the most influential countries in the world to the fashion industry. Italy is beautiful and there is inspiration everywhere, which is perfect for anyone who loves fashion. 

Within my two years at UH Manoa, I have already fulfilled many basic foundation classes and requirements towards my major, fashion. However, I hope to take three more fashion-focused classes while in Florence in order to expand my portfolio. I am also part Italian and it would mean so much to me to immerse myself in the culture and learn more about my Italian relatives, while also learning how to speak Italian. I think Florence is the perfect place to study abroad for a fashion major, especially if students are able to visit other parts of Italy to see different styles and learn about different textiles used in the industry. I hope to become a buyer and/or stylist for a company one day and this is a great opportunity to gain first hand experience, while also developing a professional portfolio in the industry.

Studying abroad is something I have wanted to do for a long time now. Please help me get to Florence in the spring to achieve this goal... Anything helps! :) Thanks!
  • Florence, Italy


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