Nix's trip to Peru to teach kids.

Nicole Rowed Start Date: Sep 9, 2016 - End Date: Mar 8, 2017

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by: Nicole Rowed Start Date: Sep 9, 2016 - End Date: Mar 8, 2017
Thankyou for taking the time to visit my page!! You have come to the right place to do something great today :)

I am heading to Peru in March to do some really much needed volunteer work with the young kids both able and disabled. I will be teaching these beautiful childeren english and skills that kids need to help them find jobs and have a succesful happy fututre! Living with a family, organsing lesson plans and teaching these disadvantaged kids. 7 days a week for 4 weeks. 

I want everyone here is Aus to be apart of the journey with me! We are so blessed to live in such a developed country! I would love to keep you involved with updates of my trip and will be writing a blog with the specific work that I am doing each day. So you will really be able to see where your money is going to help.

The main reason I set up this Fundmytravel is because I really want to give more!  I have been working hard to be able to give myself this opourtunity and I know all of you work so hard too! There are so many of us who have so much more to give and now I am giving you the oppourtunty to give and see the results! :)

It would be so absoulutly amazing if you could dontate some coin to help me help these kids in need!  And for every person that donates $25 I will make a braclet that will be given to the childeren from you! A simple gesture to say thanks to you and in a way they will see that people have helped me to help them :)

Check out my other incentives too! :)

Love Nix.


  • First 2 Braclets Made

    First 2 braclets made
    Thanks Sara and Erin!!